“Coven: A Review of Sarah Fawn Montgomery’s Quite Mad: An American Pharma Memoir”
Entropy (2019)

AWP 19: Reclaiming the Mine panel review
Assay: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction Studies (2019)

“The Promise of Ghosts“
The California Journal of Poetics (2014)

”The History of Us“
The Philadelphia Review of Books (2014)


“Inventory of a Haunted House, No. 2” Part 1 | Part 2
Monsters Beneath My Bed (2019)

“Reclaiming the Pansy”
AWP’s Writer’s Notebook (2019)

Cultland Essay Series
Iron Horse Literary Review (2018-2019)
#1: “Green”
#2: “Holy Ghost”
#3: “Demons”
#4: “Survivor”
#5: “History of Ghosts”
#6: “Reinvention”

Fat and Queer Essay Series
Queen Mob's Teahouse (2017)
#1: "Misfit"
#2: "Safe"
#3: "Deleted Scenes"
#4: "The Haunted House"
#5: "The Changeling"

"Truth or Dare" (reprint)
Queen Mob's Teahouse (2017)

Undead Darlings #3
Howlarium (2017)

"When Ghosts Have Gone"
Older Queer Voices: The Intimacy of Survival (2017)

“Not One of Us, All of Us”
Poetry Foundation Blog, Harriet (2017)

“The Ghost Boy Paradox”
Queen Mob’s Teahouse (2016)

“Goodbye: A Trilogy" Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Queen Mob’s Teahouse (2016)

“Dropping Fictions & Gaining Visibility”
The Rumpus (2016)

“Wait for Me”
The Kenyon Review online (2015)

“The Unspoken”
OCHO (2015)

“Truth or Dare: On Visibility”
Luna Luna Magazine (2014)

A Place to Exist: Breaking Out of The Celluloid Closet”
The Philadelphia Review of Books

Ninth Letter