“Inventory of a Haunted House, No. 2” Part 1 | Part 2
Monsters Beneath My Bed (2019)

“Reclaiming the Pansy”
AWP’s Writer’s Notebook (2019)

Cultland Essay Series
Iron Horse Literary Review (2018-2019)
#1: “Green”
#2: “Holy Ghost”
#3: “Demons”
#4: “Survivor”
#5: “History of Ghosts”
#6: “Reinvention”

AWP 19: Reclaiming the Mine panel review
Assay: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction Studies (2019)

Fat and Queer Essay Series
Queen Mob's Teahouse (2017)
#1: "Misfit"
#2: "Safe"
#3: "Deleted Scenes"
#4: "The Haunted House"
#5: "The Changeling"

"Truth or Dare" (reprint)
Queen Mob's Teahouse (2017)

Undead Darlings #3
Howlarium (2017)

"When Ghosts Have Gone"
Older Queer Voices: The Intimacy of Survival (2017)

“The Ghost Boy Paradox”
Queen Mob’s Teahouse (2016)

“Goodbye: A Trilogy" Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Queen Mob’s Teahouse (2016)

“Dropping Fictions & Gaining Visibility”
The Rumpus (2016)

“Wait for Me”
The Kenyon Review online (2015)

“The Unspoken”
OCHO (2015)

“Truth or Dare: On Visibility”
Luna Luna Magazine (2014)

Ninth Letter

Other Prose

“Not One of Us, All of Us”
Poetry Foundation Blog, Harriet (2017)

“The Promise of Ghosts“
The California Journal of Poetics (2014)

”The History of Us“
The Philadelphia Review of Books (2014)

A Place to Exist: Breaking Out of The Celluloid Closet”
The Philadelphia Review of Books

”This Time it will be Different“
Storyglossia (2007)